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            Hire John Hewitt


            Download John Hewitt’s Resume

            John Hewitt

            Phone: 520-245-0660

            Email: poewar@gmail.com

            Profile: linkedin.com/in/poewar/

            Website: http://


            Northern Arizona University

            MA English

            Professional Writing Certification

            University Of Arizona

            BA Creative Writing

            Technical Skills

            Web Development

            HTML5, SGML, CSS, XML, Dreamweaver, RoboHelp, Adept, WordPress, ColdFusion

            Databases / CMS / CRM

            SharePoint, Confluence, Visual Studio, SQL, Salesforce Lightning, Serviceaide, ER/Studio Database Architect, AuthorIT

            Desktop Publishing

            Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Visio, Acrobat, In Design, FrameMaker


            Adobe Creative Suite, Captivate, Articulate, Photoshop, Illustrator, Paint Shop Pro, Snag-It, GIMP

            Application Administration

            SharePoint, Confluence, Jira, ER/Studio

            Other Skills


            Technical Writing, Content Strategy, Content Management, Content Migration, Metadata,  Editing, Research, Standards Development, Web Design, Video Tutorials, Scripts, Trainings, Presentations, Research


            Project Leadership, Team Leadership, Project Planning, Mentoring, Agile Methodologies, Customer Support, Training, Contract Processing and Revenue Recognition, Cross-Team Coordination


            I am looking for a place where I can do the most good and make projects better. My goal is to run projects and I enjoy roles in which I am the group or company expert. I am happy both as a writer and as an application administrator/guru.

            Employment History

            2011-2019            Senior Technical Writer – Cognizant Corporation

            I work on a small team that maintains Customer Exchange, a ColdFusion based website that provides documentation, software downloads, license generation, user groups, knowledge bases, community forums, calendars and other tools. I serve as a general administrator for all aspects of the site. I create pages, administer independent tools, and document the platform.

            My first project was to oversee the migration of a seventy product documentation set from FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, and RoboHelp to a common platform. After a comparison of products, our team chose Atlassian Confluence and I became the company expert. As part of this project I tested platforms, migrated documents, conducted trainings, and created a set of documentation standards. Since then I have been the Confluence Administrator, overseeing upgrades, rebranding efforts, customization, macros, and CSS.

            My next project was to migrate to a common data dictionary format. For this I learned ER/Studio Data Architect, worked with a ColdFusion programmer to implement a parser and display system, and evangelized the platform. I documented the processes, created demos, and conducted trainings.

            A third major project was a rewrite of our Compatibility Matrix, a display system for maintaining compatibility status both across our company products and across external tools such as third-party software, database platforms, and browsers. I created the wireframes for the system, designed the workflow, tested the software, wrote documentation, and conducted trainings.

            At this point I was trained to be a SharePoint Administrator and worked on a project to redesign our internal SharePoint hub (25 subsites) with a common look and feel. I worked with a graphic designer to create the style and with the corporate application team to implement the style. I performed the page-by-page work to make sure the look of the site was consistent for all pages. Since then I have remained the SharePoint Administrator.

            In the past year I have been working to automate contracts processing and license creation. For this I have learned Salesforce Lightning, created and implemented a product number schema, and audited customer accounts to ensure they match existing contracts and records within Salesforce and Customer Exchange.

            2011                       Technical Writer – Modular Mining Systems

            2010                       Information Developer / Editor – Intuit

            2009-2010            Technical Writer – Limelight Networks

            2006-2009            Senior Technical Writer – TSYS Acquiring Solutions

            2000-2005            Information Developer / Technical Writer – Intel

            1998-2000            Technical Writer / Team Lead – IBM

            See LinkedIn for more information about my previous positions